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Who We Are

Pulling off a successful event requires a wealth of connections and expertise. Allow our dedicated team to guide your event and its marketing journey from start to finish, and even beyond! With Christina Burzler, an experienced Brand and Marketing Strategist, on board, we collaborate with local, regional, and national companies to ensure that your marketing strategies not only maximize profitability but also enhance overall brand awareness. With nearly a decade of experience in PR and marketing across diverse industries and brands, Christina possesses the know-how to construct highly effective campaigns that consistently yield success, ultimately boosting your company's bottom line.

Position your brand at the forefront of your event; we can turn that vision into reality. It all begins with meticulous planning, and that's precisely what we specialize in. Our award-winning event team stands ready to elevate your event to new heights and deliver the results you rightfully deserve!

Who We Are Hero
About Christina
A little about The Founder:

Christina Burzler

  • An extensive background in local, regional, and national advertising.
  • Career background in print, television, and advertising agency.
  • Graduated from HGTC in 2005 with an AA in Resort/Tourism Management and proceeded to CCU where I graduated in 2008 with a Double Major BSBA in Hospitality/Tourism Management and Marketing.
  • Has established relationships with all local media outlets.
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Our Team

Deanna DePetris2
Deanna DePetris

Marketing Assistant

Deanna DePetris is the newest employee of Brickyard Marketing. She essentially is Christina's right hand. Previously, she worked for a social media marketing company while simultaneously running a yoga studio in Northern Jersey. In Deanna’s free time she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and seven month old daughter Peyton, going to the beach, seeing friends, and taking yoga classes. She always is a team player and does whatever she can to ensure that she gets her job done in the best way. She is excited to start her new journey with Brickyard Marketing and help clients continue to build their business and success!

Jenna Damron
Jenna Damron

Social Media Manager

Jenna is a seasoned social media professional, fueled by a passion for creativity and brand awareness. Her journey into the dynamic field of marketing began during her time at Coastal Carolina University, where she earned her degree in Communication in 2018. Even before tossing her cap into the air, she was knee-deep in the world of social media marketing, exploring its intricacies and possibilities.

Since then, Jenna has immersed herself in all aspects of social media, from crafting compelling strategies to curating engaging content and deciphering the analytics that drive success.

But beyond the pixels and algorithms, you'll find Jenna embracing life's adventures. Whether it's jetting off to a new destination, trying out the latest happy hour spots, or hitting the gym for a sweat-inducing workout, she thrives on the thrill of new experiences.

When she’s not busy crafting the perfect Reel or figuring out the next big trend, you'll likely find her enjoying quality time with Harper, her golden retriever.

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor

Graphic Designer

Robert, a local from Conway, has been in the design field for over 14 years now. He believes in the art of narrative creation, evoking emotions, and leaving a lasting impact. Whether meticulously selecting a color palette to resonate with a brand's identity or experimenting with layouts for seamless user interactions, his goal is to ensure every design element contributes to a compelling story. From crafting logo identities that encapsulate a company's essence to creating captivating digital interfaces that guide users effortlessly, Robert is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visual creativity while staying true to the core purpose of design: effective communication.

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